Photo of Dino Bruce
Dino Bruce
Coral Harbour, NU

Artist’s Legal Name: Dino Bruce                                   

Artist lives in: Coral Harbour, NU

Community artist is from: Coral Harbour, NU

Categories of art practiced: Ulu Making

Preferred materials & subjects: Steel for Ulu Making

Year of Birth: 1972 

Artist’s background: 

Dino is from the community of Coral Harbour. He grew up hunting like a lot of young men that live and grow up in Nunavut. Dino’s father was a soap stone carver. He learned the basics of carving when he was young. Later in his young adult life, Dino was encouraged to start making ulus from a respected person in the community of Coral Harbour that made beautiful hand made ulu. Since then, Dino has been making ulus and has his own shop in his hometown and has his own website.

Artist’s Involvement with Traditional Inuit culture: Inuktitut Speaking; Hunting; Tool Making; 

Notes/ Comments:

“I believe that in general, Inuit historically are able to work with their hands very well, whether we have ladies sewing or even young men that are able to make hunting equipment or uluks. We Inuit are very innovative, artistic and have incredible talent when it comes to craftsmanship’s. I would encourage young artist’s to make time and investment to be able to mass produce their ideas and be able to make a living out of it.”

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