Inuit Artists’ Conference

Pijunarnnivut – Pingutitijiit

Download the Isaruit Conference for Inuit Creators Presentation

Download the Isaruit Conference for Inuit Creators Presentation

General Information & Schedule

Isaruit Inuit Creators’ Conference
Sept 30 – October 1, 2022

For more information contact: or call 613 408 8299


To collect Inuit ‘artists’, that is, pingutitijiit,  together virtually and in person to absorb, to network, to discuss and to strengthen their lives as ‘artists’  and as “Inuit” pingutitijiit, sananguatit luni, titirturaqtiit… miqqsutijiit… Pinguttiiinirq…   


Pingutitijiit   = “  artists “  = “Creators”  (from a thought in the artist’s mind,  to something people can see…. Act of creation =   Creators ) 


  • To build strength amongst Inuit Artists  [ Pingutitinjiit]… Sanaugaliutiit…. 
  • To anchor Inuit arts in Inuit Cultural history and traditions
  • To Connect Inuit artists with each  other 
  • To explore new avenues of making things 

Pijunnarnivut Planning Committee:

Pijunnarnivut conference Committee:

Ruben Komangapik, Vice Chair of Isaruit Board 

Billy Merkosak, Cultural Advisor of Isaruit Board 

John Houston, Inuit Arts Consultant to Isaruit 

Jenny Soucie & Priscilla Kuksuk, Office support  

Beverly Illauq, Centre Co- Coordinator of Isaruit