Inuit Artists’ Conference

Pijunarnnivut – Pingutitijiit

General Information & Schedule

Isaruit Inuit Creators’ Conference
Sept 30 – October 1, 2022

For more information contact: or call 613 408 8299


To collect Inuit ‘artists’, that is, pingutitijiit,  together virtually and in person to absorb, to network, to discuss and to strengthen their lives as ‘artists’  and as “Inuit” pingutitijiit, sananguatit luni, titirturaqtiit… miqqsutijiit… Pinguttiiinirq…   


Pingutitijiit   = “  artists “  = “Creators”  (from a thought in the artist’s mind,  to something people can see…. Act of creation =   Creators ) 


  • To build strength amongst Inuit Artists  [ Pingutitinjiit]… Sanaugaliutiit…. 
  • To anchor Inuit arts in Inuit Cultural history and traditions
  • To Connect Inuit artists with each  other 
  • To explore new avenues of making things 

Pijunnarnivut Planning Committee:

Pijunnarnivut conference Committee:

Ruben Komangapik, Vice Chair of Isaruit Board 

Billy Merkosak, Cultural Advisor of Isaruit Board 

John Houston, Inuit Arts Consultant to Isaruit 

Jenny Soucie & Priscilla Kuksuk, Office support  

Beverly Illauq, Centre Co- Coordinator of Isaruit  


  • Isaruit’s shop , Room #117, 815 St. Laurent Blvd. 
  • The Studio of the Ottawa Art Gallery Enter the Gallery at 10 Daly or 50 Mackenzie King Bridge. Parking in Indigo Parking ( not Les Suites) across the street from the Gallery entrance 


Registration link to Event Brite:  

Inuit Artists: $NIL 

Inuit Arts Workers:  $40

Other Participants: $100

Virtual attendance through Zoom – no charge. Link will be sent out to all registrants on Friday Sept 30th.  Virtual attendees will also be able to access the link by writing to  

  • IN PERSON ENTRY REGISTRATION: Registration to receive name tag (and pick up ISaruit ID card if it is available – if profile is comples) 
    • At Isaruit , Room #117, any time after 3pm , Friday, Sept 30th
    • At the Ottawa Art Gallery Studio, Anytime after 8:30 am, Saturday, Sunday or Monday 

Food at the event:  

Isaruit will have Bannock & Tea and Coffee at the Ottawa Art Gallery starting at 8:30 am on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  Lunch and dinner, featuring Inuit country foods will be served  to all registrants and bannock, tea and coffee will be available to everyone,  mid-morning and mid- afternoon 

We will be featuring Reconseal qasiggiaqvinniq Grey Seal meat, from the Magdalen Islands, as well as other foods from the North as they are available. 

Virtual side: 

  • Virtual attendance through Zoom – no charge. Link will be sent out to all registrants on Friday Sept 30th.  Virtual attendees will also be able to access the link by writing to  
  • Isaruit staff will host the Zoom link and will be in charge of tech set up at the Studio of the OAG .
  • Isaruit has four tech staff looking after this, headed up by Ben Illauq  
  • Zoom link will have a waiting room to prevent off track behavior on line. 
  • The Zoom Chat will be kept open
  • All participants will be MUTED…. Except during meeting when they put up their hand, and are asked to speak. 
  • All of the speeches will be Zoomed, in Inuktitut with English simultaneous translation  by Jeannie Manning and Johnny Takowgak,
  • Workshops will be virtual only one at a time.
  • All proceedings will be available face to face and on line with simultaneous translation.
  • Videos from Zoom of each speaker and of each workshop, will be put up on our You Tube channel as soon as possible after the conference 
  • When participants register they will be asked whether they give permission for their photos to be posted on Isaruit’s website, or whether they are comfortable being video recorded.  

Pop Up Inuit Arts Market 

  • Inuit Artists in Ottawa have been invited to bring their work for selling on Sunday, Oct 2 & Monday October 3 in the Café area of the Ottawa Art Gallery. There are 20 small tables available .
  • Registration for Pop Up Market Table:  
  • Inuit artists will be  Paying 5% of their take per table to sell their work at the Inuit Arts Pop Up Market being held 9 – 9 on Sunday and Monday, Oct 2, 3 
  • Arts workers/ organizations Pay $40 per table 
  • Suppliers of materials for Inuit Art can also have a booth: Coming by invitation only $100 per table.
  • Contact for Pop Up Market :  Billy Merkosak 613 859 6331  and Priscilla Kuksuk 613 408 8299 who  will be managing this.  

Profiles during conference:

  • We will have a team available to do artists’ profiles during the conference – so people can have their profiles posted and  get their Isaruit Inuit Arts ID card .

Translators’ Conference: Terminology Conference :

  • An Inuktitut Translators’ and Interpreters Gathering will be held from 9am – 4pm on Friday, September 30 in room # 102, 815 St. Laurent Blvd.  
  • Please sign up at if you would like to participate. Attendance is free for the Translators’ Gathering  TINYURL.COM/2FA5B44X

GRAND OPENING OF ISARUIT INUIT ARTS SHOP – #117, 815 St. Laurent Blvd, Ottawa 

  • Friday, September 30th – 
  •  4:00 gathering, 
  • 4:30  Ceremonies start 
  • 5:00 Feast. 

Promotional Items:

  • Promotional Items will be on sale at the Registration desk, including t-shirts, hats, bags and zippo lighters 

Themes & Speakers : 

Date/ DayThemeSpeakersArts Exposure
Friday, Sept 30  National Day of Truth and Reconciliation The Naked Truth Niore  Iqlaukjuak Katherine Takpaani 7:00 pm at Room #117, 815 St. Laurent Blvd. 
Saturday, October 1 What Inuit are Good At 9:00 am Aliqa Illauq  10:45 John Houston leads an Isaruit Artists’ panel on this topic  With 6 workshops offered Saturday afternoon. See website for Schedule details 7:00 –Premiere of Ruben Komangapik’s trilogy of films: Hunting in Pond Inlet 
Sunday, October 2 Survival  Pingasuunirq ??  (Jushua’s word)  1:00 RubenKomangapik & Billy Merkosak – & Jushua Illauq  Survival stories open session1:00 pm  A filming session Sunday Entertainment: 7:00 –Inuit Games 
Monday, October 3Inuit in Time and Place 9:00 Meeka Kakulluk  10:30 Jushua and Ben Illauq 1:00 Plenary Meeting “Steps Forward” 3:00 pm Special Art Gallery tour of Dark Ice Exhibit, by Robert Kautuq , Kangitugaapik, Clyde River, NU  5:00 Closing Ceremonies… 

Break Out Sessions: 

1:30 – 3:30 Saturday, Oct 1 Studio,Ottawa Art Gallery  Breakout sessions (limit of 15 per session)Session #1 Qulliqs with Jushua Illauq & David Erkloo.  Making and using an emergency qulliq Session #2 Photography with Niore Iqalukjuak Session #3 Intellectual Property,  Copy right & Royalties Discussion. Theresie Tungilik, CARFAC  Vice President 
3:45 – 5:45pm Saturday, October 1 Breakout sessions (limit of 15 per session)  Studio Ottawa Art Gallery   Session #4 Visit with a long term “successful” artist- Speaker being confirmed  Session #5 Selling your worksTheresie Tungilik  Session #6 Ulu making with David Erkloo & Ben Illauq  with Jushua Illauq