Inuit Artists’ Conference

Pijunarnnivut – Pingutitijiit

Isaruit Conference for Inuit Creators

In Person in Ottawa and Virtually by Zoom

9:00 Friday, Sept 30 – Monday October 3, 9:00 pm

In Brief  

  • This is a FIRST TIME event! A Hybrid, online and in person, Pijunarnnivut – Pingutitijiit – Isaruit Conference for Inuit Creators designed by Inuit Artists for Inuit Artists .


To collect Inuit ‘artists’, that is, pingutitijiit,  together virtually and in person to absorb, to network, to discuss and to strengthen their lives as ‘artists’  and as “Inuit”  sananguatit luni, titirturaqtiit …miqqsutijiit … Pinguttiiinirq….   


Sanaugaliutiit = artists  … 

Saqriatiliutiit = artists … 

*** Pingutitijiit   = “”  artists “  = “Creators”  (from a thought to something people could see…. Act of creation =   Creators ) 


  • To build strength amongst Inuit Artists  [ Pingutitinjiit]… Sanaugaliutiit…. 
  • To anchor Inuit arts in Inuit Cultural history and traditions 
  • To Connect Inuit artists with each  other 
  • To explore new avenues of making things 

Pijunnarnivut Planning Committee:

Pijunnarnivut conference Committee:

Ruben Komangapik, Vice Chair of Isaruit Board 

Billy Merkosak, Cultural Advisor of Isaruit Board 

John Houston, Inuit Arts Consultant to Isaruit 

Jenny Soucie, Co-Coordinator Pijunnarnivut**

Beverly Illauq, Co- Coordinator of Pijunnarnivut **

** Beverly and Jenny will do the leg work. Please copy everything to both of us. 


  • The Studio of the Ottawa Art Gallery on Sparks Street
  • Isaruit’s shop , Room #117, 815 St. Laurent Blvd. 
  • Possibly the Annie Pootoogook Park , Sandy Hill Community Centre  
  • Other venues to be announced 

Transportation: In Ottawa: 

Isaruit is opening an Uber account and will order an Uber van for the days of the conference. To shuttle between the OAG and accommodations , the SHOP at #117 , 815 St. Laurent Blvd, etc. 


Speakers coming from Communities will be given plane tickets and accommodations in Ottawa for the duration of the conference.  

Cost for In person event in Ottawa, including meals: 

Inuit Artists: $19.99 

Inuit Arts Workers:  $40

Other Participants: $100

Karisaujakkut – virtual – no charge 

Waiving of fees for people who want to attend the in person event and have no $ 

Food at the event:  

Serving Lunch and dinner to all registrants and snacks mid-morning and mid- afternoon 

Ordering country food for the event 

Featuring Reconseal qasiggiaqvinniq from Ruben. 


Each person attending will be asked to fill out a Registration form on line, by contacting Jenny Soucie,  when they contact her on line. 

By email:

People attending on line do not need to pay, but do need to register.

Cap at 60 people face to face; unlimited on line. 

Virtual side: 

  • Isaruit staff will host the Zoom link and will be in charge of tech set up at the Studio of the OAG .
  • Isaruit is looking for tech help for this event. 
  • Zoom link will have a waiting room to prevent off track behavior on line. 
  • The Zoom Chat will be kept open
  • All participants will be MUTED…. Except during meeting when they put up their hand, and are asked to speak. 
  • All of the speeches will be Zoomed, but workshops will be virtual only one at a time 
  • All proceedings will be available face to face and on line with simultaneous translation.
  • Videos from Zoom of each speaker will be put up on our You Tube channel 
  • Videos of Each workshop, as many as can be recorded, will be put up on our You Tube Channel 
  • When participants register they will be asked whether they give permission for their photos to be posted on Isaruit’s website, or whether they are comfortable being video recorded.  


  • A team of 3 to four Interpreters/Translators will provide simultaneous interpretation for all talks and possibly for some workshops 
  • Isaruit will be Designing an Inuit a Handbook for Visual ‘artists’ ,  Pinguatitijiit, to be published in Eng and Inuktitut on the website and also in Hard Copy – Jenny, Bev, & Jeannie 
  • A Pijunnarnivut Inuit Artists’ Conference Report,  will be written, also for the website, and to be sent around to our collaborators and funders, in English and Inuktitut 

Vendors: perhaps at the NAC?? 

  • Inuit artists…. Pay $20 per table.
  • Arts workers/ organizations Pay $40 per table 
  • Suppliers of materials for Inuit Art can also have a booth: Coming by invitation only $100 per table.
  • Brador; Radisson Furs; Gaston Henri (MTL); Winnipeg Supplier, Fabric Land, Etc. 
  • Jenny and Bev

Profiles during conference:

  • We will have a team available to do artists’ profiles during the conference – so people can have their profiles posted and  get their Isaruit ID card .


  • Isaruit is presently looking for Inuit performers living in Ottawa who would like to be paid for one performance on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings. 

Translators’ Conference: Terminology Conference :

  • An Inuktitut Translators’ and Interpreters Conference will be held from 9am – 4pm on Friday, September 30, 
  • Please contact Jeannie Manning if you would like to participate. Fees included in conference fee. 

Opening Of Conference:

Friday, September 30th –  

  • Registration to receive name tag (and pick up ISaruit ID card if not yet received – if profile is comples) 
    • At OAG Studio venue from 6:00 pm 
    • No name tag… no entry 
    • Name tags and final in person Registrations can be done on Friday, Sept 30, from 1pm at the Ottawa Art Gallery studio 
    • Jenny will be on hand to accept $$ fees 
  • 4:30 pm – Qulliq lighting – 
    • Feast at Isaruit Shop / Grand Opening of the Shop  
  • 6:30 pm – at OAG Studio  Program to be posted later 

Themes & Speakers : 

Date/ Day ThemeSpeakersArts Exposure 
Friday, Sept 30  Orange Shirt Day The Naked Truth TBATBAEntertainment:7:00 -TBA
Saturday, October 1 What Inuit are Good At TBATBAEntertainment:7:00 -TBA
Sunday, October 2 Survival  Pingasuunirq ??  (Jushua’s word)  1:00 Ruben & John Houston  & Billy M Survival stories1:00 pm  A filming session to make individual You Tubes of survival stories…  Sunday Entertainment: 7:00 -TBA
Monday, October 3TimeTBAPlenary Meeting Steps Forward: 1:00  5:00 Closing Ceremonies…   


Isaruit is presently seeking Inuit Pingutitijiit, ‘artists’, to present 1 hour workshops or break out talks. Please contact Beverly Illauq, 613 298 6209 ,

Plenary Meeting Agenda To Be Announced