Support for Inuit Carvers and Shop Projects

We will support you by:

  • Providing carving materials such as soapstone, antler, wood, metal, ivory 
  • Selling large pieces of carving stone or other northern materials to you for $0.30 cents per pound 
  • Lending you hand tools to use at home. 
  • Helping you find metal and other materials as need, some from our repurposed wood and metal supplies. 
  • Teaching basic shop skills and helping you get safety and other industry certifications. 
  • Helping connect you with marketing opportunities, especially at our Market Days on the first Friday of each month. 
  • Show casing your creations on our website, or in our display cases in the shop. 
  • Connecting you with elders in the north to advise you on designs, etc. 
  • Keep a library of shop patterns for knives, ulus, etc. for you to copy and use.