We give you Wings!

Inuit artists in Ottawa are welcome to meet, sew, talk, eat country food and create together. Inuit artists throughout Inuit Nunanga are welcome to join us virtually.

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Isaruit’s Summer Hours

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Urpingasak – Spring 2023 Activities

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Aujangutillugu – Summer 2023 Activities

Check out what we did!

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Connections & Discussions with Elders

Every Tuesday afternoon 1pm - 3pm listen in on elders discussing (in Inuktitut) various topics that impact Inuit artists. Hosted by Ben Illauq, Isaruit's Shop Programs Coordinator, anyone who understands Inuktitut is invited to join in this Zoom platform session.

Send an email to inuitwomensewing@gmail.com to register and receive the Zoom link.

We Work Together!

Komangapik is the artist behind the two newest Canadian Premier League awards, The Walrus for the CPL’s Defender of the Year, and The Muskox, for the league’s Players’ Player of the year.

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Isaruit Arts for Life, Inuit Elders' Consultation

June 28, 2023 
Qulliliriniq - Working with Qulliqs - Traditional Inuit Seal Oil Lamps

In the News…

Isaruit’s Summer Hours

July 1-16: The office will be open, but the shops will be closed to the public. Starting July 16: The office and shops will resume regular hours. Sessions: Tuesdays and Thursdays. Shop Open Hours: Daily from noon to 5:00 pm. Note: No Friday Drop-Ins on July 5th and...

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Current Events

Inuit Artists' Meet and Mentor Conference
Wednesday & Thursday Sept 22-23, 9:30 am - 3:00 pm. Register by email: iwsdataclerk@gmail.com to attend virtually by Zoom.

Isaruit Showcase and Website Launch
4:30 - 7:00 pm, Thursday, September 23, at Room #206, 815 St. Laurent Blvd. Please make reservations to attend, either in person or virtually by Zoom. Email iwsdataclerk@gmail.com.

Employment Opportunities

Sewing Program Coordinator 

September 12, 2023:  Isaruit is presently waiting for funding to arrive later this fall,  in order to be able to hire for this position. Please send a note to the Centre Coordinator at inuitwomensewing@gmail.com if you intend to...

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For more information or to apply, call or text Beverly Illauq at 613 298 6209

Volunteer Opportunities

For Inuit in Ottawa, ISARUIT is a place of welcome where things are done in an Inuit way…sewing, crafts, designing, eating & talking together


About 3000 Inuit in Ottawa, sewing and creating

“Coming here and hearing people speak my language, it’s so amazing because I don’t hear that often,” she said, carefully adding beads to a black and turquoise flower. I love the stories that they tell. That’s my favourite part.”

- Grace Salomonie

“I have been so warmly welcomed into the space at Isaruit!”

- Anonymous Inuqatigiit youth

“I feel empowered, inspired, and grateful from being in this qulliq workshop.”

- Simon (YLP Coordinator)

“Filled with abundant amounts of love and pride for my inuuqatigiit (my fellow Inuit) . It felt like I walked into my new family.”

- Anonymous Inuit youth participant at Isaruit

“Now in my own home, I can properly tend to the my qulliq as well as I now know how to make one for emergencies such as the many power outages Ottawa has had recently.”

- Anonymous participant at an Isaruit workshop


Inuit women, men and youths in the Ottawa area, from all areas of Inuit Nunanga in Canada

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