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Inuit Artists’ Interview Introduction

“Isaruit Inuit Arts:  Pijunarnnivut” is a group of Inuit artists in Ottawa who started working to support Inuit artists in 2019.  Isaruit is building a full website to serve and support Inuit artists in Creating, Knowing , and Sharing their work. It will also be a site that people who want to purchase Inuit art can go to.  We have an Artists’ Profile section, where each artist can have a page, that gives your name, a short bio, a photo of yourself, and photos of some of the things that you have made in the past (Portfolio) .  In the future, we hope his artists’ Profiles will be directly connected with our E-commerce Gallery, once we get it up and running.  We’re hoping to have our website live by August 31st this month.  We hope this Isaruit Arts website becomes really supportive and successful for Inuit Artists in all Inuit Nunanga

Would you like to have a page on our artists’ gallery?  / Are you interested in having a page ?

We have some questions we ask everyone… is it OK if I record this interview? – We’ll have your page in English and Inuktitut.

AT THE END                                            

  1. Can you send us a photo of yourself? To or Abby..
  2. Can you send us photos of some of the art work you have done ? (with captions on the photos telling what it is, if they want to ).  
  3. Are there any other artists you know who I could ask if they want a page too? … Write down their names and phone numbers on the back of the interview page.
  4. Just want to let you know that I will write up your profile and it will be on the artists’ profile page of our website when it goes live at the end of August.
  5. We will send you a one time payment of $175 by EMT on the pay day following your submission of the photos for your profile. Please provide your email EMT address.
  6. Thank you! Let us know if we can help you in any way.
Isaruit Artists’ Profile Interview Template


** means please write the answer on this paper

  1. **Your legal name: **Also known as:         
  2. ** How you sign your art work  (and pronunciation):
  3. **Your home community:
  4. **Where you are living now:
  5. Your Year of birth (Optional):
  6. **Contact information: **Email: **Phone:    **Postal address (include street #, postal code etc.: s.0078
  7. (If you work, what is your profession or work?) (Optional):
  8. What did you love doing when you were growing up?
  9. **What traditional Inuit cultural activities are you involved in?What is the reason you are doing art?
  10. **What materials do you like to work with?
  11. **What kind of Inuit arts do you create?
  12. **What is your specialty?
  13. **What subjects do you focus on?
  14. Who encouraged or taught you to do art?
  15. How and when did that happen?
  16. **What have other artists commented about your art?
  17. Where do you most often sell your artwork? & What do you think are the best ways to sell your artwork –

    I      Online Isaruit website,

    II   Through a gallery

    III  At an arts and crafts show

    IV    Your own facebook  

    V      In person  

    VI    Get someone else to sell it for you?

    VII  Commissions                    

    1. Do you have any pieces for sale in a gallery now or before? Or do any of your relatives sell their art through galleries? **If so, which galleries?
    2. Have you ever had any art in an art show?

    **If so, which one(s)? Where? When?

    1. Anything else you would like to say? Anything to say to encourage other Inuit artists? Or Inuit young people?
    List of Inuit Visual Arts Activities – Sananguarusiit, (Sanrulujat, Sanaqataat)

    Drawing/Painting: Tituranniq

    Drawing in pencil or ink

    Drawing in colour, pencil crayon or markers 



    Painting in acrylics or oils

    Water colour painting

    Print Making on paper


    Wall Hangings: Avaluamiutak

    Printing on Cloth

    Sewn wall hangings – appliqué or embroidery


    Woven Tapestries

    Three dimensional wall art

    Sewing: Miqq…

    Amautik making

    Parka Making

    Mitt Making

    Kamik Making

    Slipper Making

    Dress making

    Children’s clothing  

    Hunting clothing

    Sewn skin hats

    Sewing Crafts

    Crocheting hats

    Crocheting other items

    Designing clothing

    Knitting clothing


    Doll making

    Bags, purses

    Finger weaving

    Miniature parka pulls

    Other items

    Jewelry Making:

    Jewelry Making –Earrings

    Jewelry Making- Neck pieces

    Jewelry Making- Pins

    Metal Jewelry


    Beading as Jewelry

    Amautik frontpiece beading

    Other clothing decoration

    Other items


    Carving stone

    Carving whalebone

    Carving antler or horn

    Carving ivory

    Carvings for installations outside or in buildings

    Metal Sculpture:

    Of any kind

    Tool Making:

    Ulu making

    Knife making

    Qulliq Making

    Qajaaq (Kayak) Making

    Harpoon heads

    Harpoon making

    Net making

    Qamutiik (Dogsled) Making

    Niksiq (Gaff hook) Making


    Other tools:

    Other arts:

    Models of Traditional life

    Basket weaving (N. Quebec)

    Making replicas of traditional objects

    Multimedia Works


    Combining music/ spoken word recordings with visuals

    Combining  a wide variety of objects / materials


    List of Traditional Inuit Cultural Activities

    Hunting (all kinds)
    Family camping
    Inuktitut language
    Throat singing
    Inuit games
    Inuit sports
    Inuit food preparation & feasts
    Snow house building
    Tent making
    Dog teams
    Qamutiik making
    Foraging for plants for food
    Surviving on the land/ sea
    Inuksuk building
    Tool making
    Making things from animal parts
    Fixing & inventing things
    Teaching the youth
    Learning from and helping elders
    Visiting in the community