Pijunarnnivut – Pingutitijiit Isaruit Conference for Inuit Creators

This is a FIRST TIME event! A Hybrid, online and in person, Pijunarnnivut – Pingutitijiit – Isaruit Conference for Inuit Creators designed by Inuit Artists for Inuit Artists.

More information can be found here.


Each person attending will be asked to fill out a Registration form on line, by contacting Jenny Soucie,  when they contact her on line. 

By email: isaruit.inuit@gmail.com

People attending on line do not need to pay, but do need to register.

Cap at 60 people face to face; unlimited on line. 

Registration: Two ways to register:

Register on Eventbrite 

Email the Registrar, Jennifer Soucie, at isaruit.inuit@gmail.com, and submit a form 

  • Waiving of fees for people who want to attend the in person event and have no $- check with the Registrar