Photo of Tammy Hannaford
Tammy Hannaford
Rankin Inlet, NU

Artist’s Legal Name: Tammy Hannaford

Artist Lives In: Bancroft, ON

Community artist is from: Rankin Inlet, NU

Categories of art practiced: Jewelry Making

Preferred materials & subjects: Beads for Jewelry; Antler/Horn for Jewelry; Ivory for Jewelry; Soapstone for Jewelry

Year of Birth: 1980 

Artist Background:

Tammy is from the community of Rankin Inlet. She learned the basics of sewing and beading when in school. She grew up with her dad hunting and carving and often watched  her mother sewing. Tammy now makes beautiful jewelry of her own designs made from caribou antlers, dried flowers, a bit of soapstone and ivory too. She is now learning how to carve to incorporate small carvings with some beadwork into earrings and as she explores jewelry making. 


“People really appreciate Inuit arts and there’s definitely a market out there for it. If it’s something you love to do then I say go for it.”

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