Susie Palituq
Clyde River, NU

Artist’s Legal Name: Susie Palituq

Also Known as: Minnie

Artist lives in: Clyde River, NU

Community artist is from:  Clyde River, NU

Categories of art practicedParka Making; Mitt Making; Leather Hats; Summer Parka

Preferred materials & subjects: Leather; Sealskin; Commander

Year of Birth: 1979

Profession or Work: Attending Piqqusilirivvik College

Artist’s background:

Susie lives in the community of Clyde River. Her parents, Ashevak and Kalluk Palituq adopted Susie when they were fairly old, when they were seriously invovled in teaching children and youths about their traditonal Inuit cultral roots. Ashevak and Kalluk constantly made things out of skins and bones that they had used in the camps when they were children and young people. Ashevak made tools and travelling items and Kalluk was a great sewer and carver. Susie saw her parents making traditonal cultral arts and learned a great deal from her parents. She is now continuing the skills she learned from them by making and sewing the traditional way and is now attending Piqqusilirivvik College in order to deepened her cultral knowledge and skills.


“I want to encourage young Inuits to start learning, it might be hard at first but it does get a lot easier as you keep trying. It cost a lot to live up north so it is better to learn how to make your own that you like. I really do want them to keep learning”

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