Ningiukulu Teevee
Kinngait, NU

Artist’s Legal Name: Ningiukulu Teevee                                 

Artist lives in: Kinngait, NU

Community artist is from: Kinngait, NU

Categories of art practiced: Drawing In Pencil/Ink; Drawing in Color/Pencil Crayon/Markers

Preferred materials & subjects: Colored Pencils for Drawing & Acrylic

Year of Birth: 1963 

Artist’s background: 

Ningiukulu grew up in the community of Kinngait, formally known as Cape Dorset . Just like a lot of children up north, she loved to play outside when she was growing up. When Ningiukulu was in elementary school, there was an elder that would go there to tell stories about Inuit legends. The legends gave her images in her mind that soon translated into drawings. That’s when she became so very interested drawing, using different media.  

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