Natasha Latreille
Iqaluit, NU

Artist’s Legal Name: Natasha Latreille

Also Known As: Akisie

Artist Lives In: Carleton Place, ON

Community artist is from: Iqaluit, NU

Categories of art practiced: Cotton Quilting; Sealskin Ornaments; Slipper Making

Preferred materials & subjects: Cottons for Quilting; Sealskin for Ornaments

Year of Birth: 1975

Artist Background:

Natasha is from the Capital of Nunavut which is the community of Iqaluit. When she was growing up, she loved to go boating, fishing and berry picking with her family. Natasha now lives in Carleton Place, ON. She is a self taught quilter and uses Inuit motifs like inukshuks and ravens for the designs on her quilts. Natasha is primarily an arts worker who has supported Inuit arts for a number of years in a variety of voluntary positions. She has participated in Inuit arts development across the circumpolar world and is presently the Chair of Isaruit Inuit Arts: Pijunnarnivut.


She encourages all Inuit artists, whether experienced or not so experienced “To create what they love and be able to showcase their stuff in their art.”

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