Maggie Esperon
Kuujjuarapik, QC

Artist’s Legal Name: Maggie May Esperon                            

Artist lives in: Montreal, QC

Community artist is from: Kuujjuarapik, QC

Categories of art practiced: Beaded Earrings; Mitt Making

Preferred materials & subjects: Moose Hide; Seal Skin; Beads

Year of Birth: 1990 

Profession or Work: Southern Quebec Inuit Association

Artist’s background: 

Mary is from the community of Kuujjuarapik, Nunavik. Growing up, she loved to play outside and be with family. Mary has been living in Montreal for quite some time now. She learned the basics of making beaded earrings from a friend of hers in the city. Since then Mary has been making earrings incorporating moose hide and seal skin on them. 

Artist’s Involvement with Traditional Inuit culture: Inuktitut Language

Notes/ Comments:

“If you love to create, you can put your mind into it and learn to create a lot of stuff and whatever you’re interested in.”

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