Isaac Tassugat
Clyde River, NU

Artist’s Legal Name: Isaac Tassugat              

Also known as: Aisaki Tassugat In syllabics.                      

Artist lives in: Clyde River, NU

Community artist is from: Clyde River, NU

Categories of art practiced: Carving Stone; Wood Burning; Ulu Making; Net Making; Making replicas of traditional objects.

Preferred materials: Wood; Soapstone; Antlers; Whale Bone; Marble

Year of Birth: 1964

Artist’s background:

Isaac grew up watching his parents carve and some other people from his community. After he learned how to carve, he kept on working at improving his carving and finds it very satisfying to finish a piece. He prefers to make carvings of animals that have a story connected to them. Although he grew up hunting, particularly for seals, carving is what occupies his time. Isaac makes his own fish nets and loves to go fishing in the summers.

Notes/ Comments: Isaac belives people should begin noticing more closely the art that Inuit like him are producing. Artist thrive on having others notice their work. More people need to notice and encourage each other and other artists in Inuit communities.

Gallery holdings of artist’s work, or their relatives’ work:

A gallery in Vancouver, BC

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