Isaruit is Now a Registered Charity in Canada! 

On February 24, 2023, Isaruit was granted Charitable Status by the Canada Revenue Agency!  This is a huge boost for Isaruit’s future.  Now we will be able to partner with the community of Ottawa and beyond to help Isaruit fulfill its visions of creation: 

  • Producing ingenious Inuit tools and equipment, carvings and jewelry, in our Workshop in Room #117, 815 St. Laurent Blvd, Ottawa-Vanier
  • Producing beautiful traditional and current parkas, skin boots, mitts and beaded items, and other creations made of fur, cloth or skins in our Sewing Area, Rooms #302 & #316 in 815 St. Laurent Blvd, Ottawa 
  • Giving space for Inuit in Ottawa to consult with Inuit elders, eat together and share stories and knowledge daily and providing Inuit cultural consultations for other Inuit or non-Inuit organizations
  • Inuit artists supporting Inuit creators across the Inuit communities of the North, in person and through our website,

There are two ways to donate and receive a tax receipt: 

  1. Send a donation by email transfer to, accompanied by a second email stating your name, address, and email, and telling us how you hope your donation will help Isaruit grow and serve Inuit artists/creators . 

Either way, your donation will be well looked after, you will receive a tax deductable receipt, and you will have made a huge difference to Isaruit, no matter what the amount.