Communications Officer Position

Suggested Person:

Jesse Kangok , Igloolik, Announcer for  Uqallagvik – CKCU , Ottawa


The Communications officer will oversee Isaruit‘ s communications with,  and support of, Inuit Artists across Inuit Nunanga and in the South, through our website, our local Ottawa Inuit radio station, and other means.


  • Support the Centre Coordinator, (Executive Director when hired), and the Technical Faciliator who are on staff with Isaruit, and any other Isaruit Employees in their communications and programs with artists across Inuit Nunanga and in the south of Canada.
  • Be attentive to the needs of Inuit artists anywhere in Canada, and help them to be heard.
  • Help find outside support for the communications aspects of Isaruit, culturally, linguistically, and financially 
  • Promote and support the use of spoken  Inuktitut language at all Isaruit events, by supporting staff  and participants to continue to develop their own Inuktitut language skills , and by looking out for the translators and interpreters who work with Isaruit.
  • Directly and indirectly advertise, promote and clarify Isaruit Inuit Arts: Pijunarnivut initiative to support Inuit individuals, families and communities, no matter where they are, especially in the visual arts that promote living Inuit Culture and language
  • Attend Board meetings once per month by Zoom or in person when the Directors so choose.
  • Attend Isaruit Conferences and celebrations as much as possible
  • Advise Isaruit staff on Cultural  & Communications issues when appropriate and possible.