Tagvauvutit Malachi! In Memory of Malachi 

We would like to honour the late Malachi Kigutak, one of the founders of Isaruit. 

Malachi suggested the name “Isaruit” for our organization, in July 2018 when we were applying for Incorporation as a Not for Profit from the Government of Canada. We were then 4 grandmothers in the Inuit community — Aigah Attagutsiaq, Martha Flaherty, Malachi Kiguatk and Beverly Illauq.  Malachi suggests that ‘We Inuit in Ottawa need to find our wings — Isaruit … “.

Martha Flaherty, the Chair of the Board at the first “meeting”, picked up on the idea, we all said we really liked it, and that is how “Isaruit” started. Qujannamiik Malachi!  Irqaumajauniaputit!