Secretary of the Board Position

Closing date: Ongoing

Suggested Person:

(being advertised)


The Secretary  of the Isaruit Board will oversee the meeting schedule and the official correspondence of the Isaruit Board of Directors


  • Support the Centre Coordinator, (Executive Director when hired), and the Technical Faciliator and all who are on staff with Isaruit, and any other Isaruit Employees in working  according to the Strategic Plan (April, 2021) of Isaruit’s Board of Directors.
  • Help set and communicate the meeting schedule, including reminders to Board members and responding to Board Members’ needs to attend Board meetings.  ( Adjusting schedule of meetings as required Zoom links, time, place, copies of minutes , agendas and other documents for meetings )
  • Be attentive to the needs of the Board to communicate appropriately  with Inuit Artists by letter (either electronic or hard copy), in Inuit Nunanga and in the South, in  a good way, and with funding partners, collaborators and partners in Inuit and mainstream government and non-government agencies.
  • Receive official correspondence for the Board, and respond appropriately.
  • Have special care for Directors of the Board to attend to their needs during meetings for documents, extra information, etc.
  •  Work closely with the Board Chair and Vice Chair to promote and support the “Raven Organization” of the Board.
  • Promote and support the use of spoken  Inuktitut language by Inuit youths at all Isaruit events, by supporting Inuit youth to have success in using their  Inuktitut language skills
  • Directly and indirectly advertise, promote and clarify Isaruit Inuit Arts: Pijunarnivut initiative to support Inuit individuals, families and communities, no matter where they are, especially in the visual arts that promote living Inuit Culture and language
  • Attend Board meetings once per month by Zoom or in person when the Directors so choose.
  • Attend Isaruit Conferences and celebrations as much as possible
  • Bring any relevant information from ‘out there’ to the attention of the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Board  and develop connections with other Inuit and mainstream organizations when appropriate and possible.