Tillikasak Weetaluktuk
Inujuak, QC

Artist’s Legal Name: Tillikasak Weetaluktuk                        

Artist lives in: Inujuak, QC

Community artist is from: Inujuak, QC

Categories of art practiced: Slipper Making; Mitt Making; Beaded Earrings

Preferred materials & subjects: Beads; Caribou Antlers; Leather

Year of Birth: 1995

Artist’s background:

Tillikasak grew up in the community of Inujuak. Her teacher taught Tallikasak the basics of sewing when she was younger but decided that she is more interested in beading. Tallikasak finds beading to be very calming and good for her mind. She continues to create beautifully beaded earrings, and is especially fascinated with complex flower patterns.

Artist’s Involvement with Traditional Inuit culture: Inuktitut Language

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