Tiana Gordon
Kangirliniq, Rankin Inlet, NU

Artist’s Legal Name: Tiana Gordon   

Artist lives in: Rankin Inlet, NU

Community artist is from: Kangirliniq, Rankin Inlet, NU

Categories of art practiced: Drawing in pencil/ink/colored pencils/markers Painting in Pastel/Acrylic/Water color; Embroidery; Amauti Making; Parka Making; Slipper Making; Children’s Clothing; Sewn Hats; Crochet; Hats; Knitting clothing; Sweaters/Headbands; Designing Clothes; Beading Jewlery; Beading decorations;

Preferred materials & subjects: Drawing and painting in Acrylic/Pastel/Charcoal/colored pencils; Sewing; Yarns

Year of Birth: 1996

Artist’s background: Tiana lives in the community of Rankin Inlet, Kanirlirniq  and has always been interested in drawing and painting growing up. Tiana loves to draw the landscape in her home town and the old traditional ways of Inuit. She is a natural at drawing but learned a lot more when she attented Piqqusilirivvik College in Clyde River, NU. Tiana continues to draw but now sews and design clothing for adults and children, she also makes beaded jewelry and knit sweaters and headbands.

Arist’s Involvement with Traditional Inuit Cultre: Inuktitut Language; Hunting; Fishing; Throat Singing; Sewing; Making things from animal parts; Fixing and Inventing things; Walking

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