Suzanne Nutarakittuq

Artist’s Legal Name: Suzanne Jane Nutarakittuq   

Artist lives in: Igloolik, Nu

Community artist is from: Igloolik, Nu

Categories of art practicedAmauti Making

Preferred materials & subjects: Hollow Fill; Commander; Amautiks

Year of Birth: 1996

Artist’s background:

Suzanne lives in the community of Igloolik with her family. When she started having children of her own, Suzanne started making amautis for herself because she admired the mothers who had amautiks. Suzanne taught herself how to make one for herself by taking apart the one she had at the time and sew it back together and thats when she learned how to sew with the guidance from her mother to make it fit better for her. It was too expensive for her to buy an amauti for herself because she had to provide for her family. Ever since then, Suzaane now makes beautiful amautik’s for her family and sometimes sells them locally in the town of Igloolik.                                                                                          

Arist’s Involvement with Traditional Inuit Cultre: Inuktitut Language; Sewing; Walking


“I want those that do not know how to make amauti, I want you to try so they can do it themselves. It is better that they make it themself when they need one.”

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