Rueben Komangapik
MIttimatalik (Pond Inlet), NU

Artist’s Legal Name: Rueben Komangapik  

Also known as: ᐸ + the year

Artist lives in: Ottawa, ON

Community artist is from: MIttimatalik (Pond Inlet), NU

Categories of art practiced: Jewelry Making: Earrings, Neckalce, Pins, Bracelets; Carving Stone: Ivory, Whalebone, Caribou Antler/Horn; Carvings for installations outside and buildings; Ulu Making; Knife Making; Qajaaq (Kayak) Making; Harpoon Heads; Harpoon Making; Net Making; Qamutik (Dog Sled) Making; Niksiq (Gaff Hook) Making; Woodworking; Models of Traditional life; Making replicas of traditional objects; Combining music/spoken word recordings with visuals; Combining a wide variety of objects/materials; Music Video 2018, Aujaaq

Preferred materials & subjects: Ivory; Whalebone; Softstone; Snow; Rocks; Wood; Land, Ice

Year of Birth: 1976

Profession or Work: Artist; Musician, Arts instructor, Film maker, Stone Cutter; Jeweller; Gem Stone Cutter;

Artist’s background: Ruben Komangapik grew up in Mittimatalik and at times Kangitugaapik, with his parents, Mikisti and Dorothee Komangapik, and his extended family members, many of whom were artists, and all of whom camped and hunted as much as possible. He remembers making his own toys when he was young, things like sleds, imitation hunting equipment, and vehicles with wheels. Sliding was one of his favorite pastimes when he wasn’t helping various family members, particularly his grandfather, Joshua Komangapik. He did art then and continues now to be involved in visual arts of all kinds, and some performing arts,– “Because it’s a part of who I am.”. Ruben has lived and worked in the arts field in various communities of Inuit Nunanga since being the one and only graduate of the first Jewelry making course at Nunavut Arctic College in 1997. His international travels as a sculptor, jewelry maker, monument builder, musician and film maker, have taken him to Greenland, Germany and Iceland. But more than travelling, Ruben’s passion is working on large, collaborative art installations particularly with young aspiring artists. Ruben is involved with various Inuit arts and culture organizations including MICH, Mobilizing Inuit Culture and Heritage, through York University, and Isaruit Inuit Arts:Pijunarnivut, and is presently living in Ottawa.

Arist’s Involvement with Traditional Inuit Cultre: Inuktitut Language; Hunting; Fishing; Family Camping; Storytelling; Drumming; Inuit Food preparation and feast; Qayaking; Surviving on the land/sea; Inukshuk Building; Tool Making; Making things from animal parts; Fixing and Inventing things; Teaching the youth; Sewing; Learning from and helping elders; Walking; Visiting community


“People have used my name on items hat were not my art. Serious but flattering”

“Art is knowledge and communication; It is a language.”

“Art is not just for making money. (But money helps..!)”

Advice for other artists: “Goodluck and have fun with it.”

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