Mike Jancke
Cambridge Bay, NU

Artist’s Legal Name: Mike Jancke

Signature on works: M.J.

Artist lives in: Kugluktuk, NU

Community artist is from:  Cambridge Bay, NU

Categories of art practiced Drum Making

Preferred materials & subjects: Red and Golden Oak

Year of Birth: 1990

Profession or Work: Works For Togiak Construction

Artist’s background:

Mike grew up in the community of Cambridge Bay. As a child he loved to go hunting, fishing and play outside like a lot of kids do up north. When Mike was in school, he did traditional snow goggles for a science project and that’s when he got really interested in making things. He has taught himself how to make the drum and got pointers and tips from people in the community of Kubluktu where he now lives with his own family. Mike works for the Togiak Construction Company and on his spare time makes drums for his son who does traditional drum dancing. He teaches his son on how to make the drums.   

Arist’s Involvement with Traditional Inuit Cultre: Hunting; Fishing; Drumming; Mikku Making; Drying Furs


“Don’t be scared to do it. Just go out and do it and you’ll be surprised”

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