Lisa Churchill
Clyde River, NU

Artist’s Legal Name: Lisa Churchill                    

Signs her art: Lisa Churchill      

Artist lives in: Iqaluit, NU

Community artist is from: Clyde River, NU

Categories of art practiced: Parka Making; Mitt Making; Slipper Making; Slipper Making; Ulu Making; Crochet Hats; Makes Her own patterns for Parkas

Preferred materials & subjects: Parka Making from sealsking and commander; Mittens;

Year of Birth: 1990

Profession or Work: Works at the Baffin Correctional Centre as a Case Worker.

Artist’s background: Lisa grew up in Clyde River with her family and learned basic sewing skills at school during cultural programs. She now lives in Iqaluit and is employed at the correctional center teaching the Inuit Cultural Skills Program. In her spare time, she designs her patterns for parkas and mitts that she makes mostly from sealskin and commander cloth. Lisa also makes ulus and is sewing tents, she is doing it mostly on her own with some guidance from her mom and sister. She loves to go berry picking as well during summer.

Artist’s Involvement with Traditional Inuit culture: Teaching the Inuit to gain more traditional knowledge; How to Survive on The Land During Winter; Tent Making; Camping

Gallery holdings of artist’s work, or their relatives’ work: A close friend of Lisa, Lavinia Van Heuvelen has participated at the Northern Lights Art Show in Ottawa.

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