Leslie Pewgatoalook
Mittimatalik, NU

Artist’s Legal Name: Leslie Pewgatoalook   

Artist lives in: Mittimatalik (Pond Inlet),  Nu

Community artist is from: Mittimatalik , NU

Categories of art practiced: Amuati Making; Parka Making; Kamik Making; Children’s Clothing;

Preferred materials & subjects: Sealskin; Commander; Quilted Materials; Yarns

Year of Birth: 1978

Artist’s background: Leslie grew up in the community of Pond Inlet. Her family would camp a lot in the spring and summer, especially for natiavinniq , that is, silver jar seals, because her mother used the skins of the younger seals to make the best winter clothing. Her mother, Joanna Pewgatoalook, taught her how to sew when she was very young, and how to prepare and scrape seal skins properly for all the different kinds of clothing needed for hunting and keeping warm in the winter. She was taught to sew carefully and to use skins without wasting anything.  As she become older, she took on more responsibility for making family members’ clothing. Now, she continues to sew like her mother. Almost all the traditional clothing she makes is for her family; she does not make traditional clothing to sell. People will sometimes ask her “Qanuqaluk akkatiagavit? How on earth do you sew so well? She likes designing and sewing carefully and properly.

Arist’s Involvement with Traditional Inuit Cultre: Inuktitut Language; Sewing; Crochet; Knitting;

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