Julia Natseck
Naujaat, NU

Artist’s Legal Name: Julia Natseck     

Artist lives in: Naujaat, NU

Community artist is from:  Naujaat, NU

Categories of art practiced Amauti Making; Parka Making; Mitt Making; Kamik Making; Sealskin Jackets; Snowpants; Crochet Hats; Antler and Ivory Earrings; Embroidery

Preferred materials & subjects: Sealskin Jackets; Parkas; Amauti; Kamik; Children’s Outerwear Hollow Fill; Commander; Antler and Ivory for Jewelry

Year of Birth: 1985

Artist’s background:

Julia grew up in the community of Naujaat and had always been interested in sewing ever since she was young child. Julia started to learn basic sewing at the age of 9 and she has been sewing ever since. When Julia finishes her projects, she feels that she has accomplished something good for her family because she is precise and creative on what she sews. She also makes jewelry on the side and is currently working on miniature kamik earrings. She is a talented seamtress and loves to sew to provide for her family members  in the community.

Artist’s Involvement with Traditional Inuit Culture: Inuktitut Language; Sewing; Crocheting

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