Photo of Judy Alaku
Judy Alaku
Inujuak, QC

Artist’s Legal Name: Judy Alaku

Artist Lives In: Inujuak, QC

Community artist is from: Inujuak, QC

Categories of art practiced: Parka Making; Mitt Making; Painting in Acrylics

Preferred materials & subjects: Canvas & Paper for Painting using Acrylic Paint (Landscapes, Mountains & The Land

Artist Background:

Judy grew up in the community of Inukjuak where she loved to play outside with her friends like a lot of kids do in the north. She started off drawing at a young age. Her sister encouraged Judy to paint and draw when she was growing up. It was through the encouragement of her sister that she decided to take a workshop for painting.  Gradually after taking the workshop, Judy’s talent really came out. She loves to paint the land and the mountains in her hometown in Inukjuak and her paintings are well received by people in the community and other places. 

Artist’s Involvement with Traditional Inuit culture: Inuktitut Language; Sewing; Drawing; Family Camping


“Art is messy, like it’s not perfect. Whatever you make is okay, if it’s not great it’s still okay. Don’t give up trying. Practice makes perfect.”

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