Janice Kumarluk

Artist’s Legal Name: Janice Kumarluk

Artist Lives In: Ottawa, ON

Community artist is from: Ivujivik, QC

Categories of art practiced: Amauti Making; Mitt Making; Slipper Making; Beaded Earrings; Knitting

Preferred materials & subjects: Leather

Year of Birth: 1990

Artist Background:

Janice is from the community of Ivujivik. Growing up she loved to go camping with her family and fishing. Janice learned the basics of sewing at a young age. She started making mitts for herself, making a new pair of mitts every year and that’s when she really started sewing. Janice made an amauti by herself with no guidance at a young age as well.  Now she makes beautiful mitts made with sealskin and plans to keep on designing and sewing beautiful things.


“I would encourage people to be creative and create what is in their mind.”

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