Florence Tatatoapik
Arctic Bay, NU

Artist’s Legal Name: Florence Barnabas
Also known as: ᕗᓗᐊᕋᓐᔅ ᐸᓇᐸᔅ ᑕᑕᑐᐊᐱᒃ
Artist lives in: Arctic Bay, NU
Community artist is from: Arctic Bay, NU
Categories of art practiced: Amauti Making; Parka Making; Mitt Making; Children’s Clothing; Hunting Clothing; Painting in Acrylics; Metal Jewelry; Jewelry Making; Earrings; Necklace; Bracelets
Preferred materials & subjects: Commander; Hollow Fill; Sealskin; Fox Fur; Beaver Fur; Antlers; Ivory; Silver; Brass; Copper
Year of Birth: 1976

Artist’s background: Florence grew up in Arctic Bay and became an artist through necessity. She really admired peoples jewelry’s when she was growing up; instead of buying jewelry from others she wanted to learn how to make them herself. When she became a parent she made an amauti for herself. She continues to sew for her family and making jewelry. In her sewing she modifies designs and patterns to suit the needs of her children and her husband. Having taken a jewelry design course in Iqaluit, Florence finds it satisfying to explore designs materials and patterns. She tends to design and sell jewelry for income.

Arist’s Involvement with Traditional Inuit Cultre: Inuktitut language; Sewing; Drawing

Notes/Comments: I just want everybody to learn and stick with it. Don’t give up, don’t give up on your sewing. Pijunaqtusi (you can do it) Ilisainnariksi (keep learning), even if you make mistakes, keep trying.

Gallery Holdings of artist’s work, or their relative’s work: Arctic Bay Heritage Center

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