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Elizabeth Anne Qammaniq

Artist’s Legal Name: Elizabeth Anne Qammaniq

Artist Lives In: Iqaluit, NU

Community artist is from: Iqaluit, NU

Categories of art practiced: Metal Jewelry; Beaded Jewelry

Preferred materials & subjects: Silver, Ivory, Caribou Antlers & Beads for Earrings

Year of Birth: 1994 

Artist Background:

Ann grew up in the community of Iqaluit. She completed a metal and jewelry program in Iqaluit after she graduated from high school. She was always been interested in art when she was growing up. Elizabeth Ann is now a young designer  and her beaded jewelry designs receive a lot of  positive feedback from the people in the community. That is what  encourages her to create more unique designs.


“Never give up on what your dreams should be. There are so many opportunities out there. Don’t be afraid to try one thing and be bad at it but just keep trying please. Find something you love to do and something you can’t see yourself living without.”

Artist’s contact Information:

Instagram: ainkuluart

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