Elisapee Fortier Doucet
Iqaluit, NU

Artist’s Legal Name: Elisapee Fortier Doucet         

Artist lives in: Iqaluit, NU

Community artist is from: Iqaluit, NU

Categories of art practicedBeading Jewelry; Amauti Making; Mitt Making; Kamik Making

Preferred materials & subjects: Beads; Beaded Jewelry, Earrings/Necklaces; Commander; Sealskins

Year of Birth: 2003

Artist’s background:

Elisapee lives in the community of Iqaluit. She learned the basics of sewing and beading at a young age from her sister. Beading and sewing was when they would spend the most time together and so this is maybe how Elisapee grew particularly passionate about beading Her mother and her sister encourage Elisapee not to give up and to develop her besding and  sewing skills. She now makes mitts, amautis, kamiks and beaded jewelry. Elisapee works with sealskin, leather and commander for her projects. Elisapee’s family and friends often give her tips and encouragment on her projects which she appreciates.

Arist’s Involvement with Traditional Inuit Cultre: Hunting; Fishing; Family Camping; Sewing

Notes/Comments: “If you’re passionate about something, you should really go for it.”

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