Clara Evalik
Cambridge Bay, NU

Artist’s Legal Name: Clara Evalik       

Also known as: Clara

Artist lives in: Yellowknife, NWT

Community artist is from: Cambridge Bay, NU

Categories of art practiced: Parka Making; Mitt Making; Designing Clothing; Embroidery; Sewn Skin; Sewn Skin Items

Preferred materials & subjects: Cotton Fabric; Bias Tape; Wolf Fur; Canvas; Seal Skins

Year of Birth: 1964

Profession or Work: Board Member with Nunavut Tunngavik; Kitikmeot Inuit Association;

Artist’s background: Clara grew up in Cambridge Bay, her mother taught her how to sew traditional clothing when she was young. In order to buy something for herself back then she would make wall hangings and little owls made from sealskin and sell them. Sewing is a big stress reliever and Clara has done a lot of healing through sewing over the past years. Clara now designs her own parkas and makes traditional drum outfits with wolf fur and does beautful embroidery by hand. She is now retired from Government of Nunavut and teaches contemporary sewing for her daughter’s sewing group.

Arist’s Involvement with Traditional Inuit Cultre: Sewing;

Notes/Comments: Inuit arts is amazing, we need to start calling ourselves artist. We are creating art, and people are amazed by the things we make beacause it’s colorful, cheerful and warm.

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