Celina Apaks
Clyde River, NU

Artist’s Legal Name: Celina Apak       
Also known as: Celina    
Artist lives in: Clyde River, NU
Community artist is from: Clyde River, NU
Year of Birth: 1979
Categories of art practiced: Tent Making; Parka Making; Mitt Making; Kamik Making; Crochet Hats
Preferred materials & subjects: Sealskin; Polar Skin; Leather; Canvas; Yarns
Profession or Work: Babysitter

Artist’s background: Celina lives in the community of Clyde River. She grew up going camping with her family every summer and went hunting with her dad. She learned how to do the tradtional animal skin preparation and now sews Seal skin, Polar skin and leather. The elders in the community taught her how to make kamiks and tents and now she makes her own. She makes a variety of traditional clothes, wind pants and parkas for her husband and children. She also crochets hats for adults and babies. She is continuing her sewing today and goes berry picking with her grandchildren.

Artist’s Involvement with Traditional Inuit culture: Inuktitut Language; Hunting; Fishing; Tent Making; Sewing; Berry Picking; Egg Picking

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