Aija Komangapik
Iqaluit, NU

Artist’s Legal Name: Aija Alofe Komangapik           

Signature on Arts: ᐊᐃᔭ

Artist lives in: Gatineau, QC

Community artist is from:  Iqaluit, NU

Categories of art practiced Drawing in pencil/ink; Drawing in colored pencils/m; arkers; Cartooning; Paintining in Acrylic; Printing on cloth/Clothing; 3D Wall Art; Miniature Sewing; Mitt Making’ Slipper Making; Doll Making; Sew Bags/Purses Jewelry Making: Earrings/Necklace/Pins; Metal Jewelry; Beading Jewelry; Making Replicas Of Traditonal Objects; Photography; Metal Sculpture; Carving Stone/Whalebone/Antler/Horn/Ivory; Carvings for Installations outside or Buildings

Preferred materials & subjects: Digital Arts; Paints; Metal; Stones; Bones

Year of Birth: 1998

Profession or Work: Freelance Artist/Illustrator and Digital Graphic Design

Artist’s background:

Aija was grew up in Iqaluit fishing, camping with her family, learning inuit games, foraging for plants for ffood, sewing and making things from animal parts fixing and inventing things and going for long walks on the land with her parents who are both artists. When she learned how to use computers,  she transferred her inventiveness to digit platforms, and in 2019 was awarded the Indigenous Arts & Stories prize for a digital piece entitled “ Drum Dancer “ .  Aija is presently taking leave from her Arts Administration program at Bishop’s University, in order to learn the art of sculpture from her father, Ruben Komangapik. She is also illustrating books, such as Country Foods , published by Inhabit Media in 2019 and is presently working on her first children’s book, “ “ to be published soon. Isaruit is happy to have Aija as a Yout Board Member  and helping with the organization in her spare time.

Artist’s comment for other young Inuit artists:

“Just Do It”

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