Isaruit is hiring an interviewer to interview Inuit artists living in the Ottawa area.  This is a casual position. Starting at $21 per hour. 5 hours of paid training to be provided.  Requirements:  good English and Inuktitut speaking and reading skills, a phone (we can provide a calling and data plan), & basic computer skills . An interest in visual and/or sewing arts is an asset.  For more information or to apply , call or text Beverly Illauq at 613 298 6209 . Closing date: Ongoing. Don’t be shy!


The Isaruit Inuit arts Interviewer will contact Inuit artists in communities in Inuit Nunanga and in the south as well, and prepare the Artists’ profiles, along with photos of the artists’ works from each artist, for inclusion in the Isaruit Inuit Arts website. 


At the Interviewer’s home, or from the Isaruit Inuit Arts office at room #200, 815 St. Laurent Blvd., in Ottawa

Employment terms:

The Isaruit Inuit Arts Interviewer will

  1. Begin working on Thursday, August 26th , with two days of training, Aug 26th, and 27th
  2. be a casual employee; all MERC deductions will be made at source
  3. be paid $21 per hour at the beginning of this employment period, with the possibility of raises based on efficiency in finishing artists’ profiles.
  4. Pay day will be every second week  
  5. Isaruit will provide a calling and data plan for the interviewers phone, if need be, and will be loaned an Isaruit Tablet for use for the duration of the project.


  1. Under the direction of the Centre Coordinator, the Interviewer will make a list of artists he/she will call to request an interview.
  2. The interviewer will become familiar with the interviewing process and the writing of the profile of each artist during the two day training period.
  3. The interviewer will make appointments with the artist to interview them in person, by phone, or by Zoom/ Facebook , using the Isaruit Interview outline, and to collect the photos they want to submit.
  4. The interviewer will conduct the interviews, following the artists’ ideas 
  5. A profile of the artist will then be developed according to the Profile Template and checked back with the artist, and will be submitted, with the artist’s photos for the website.
  6. The interviewer will ensure the artists is paid ($175 per interview) .