Coordinator of Sewing Program


The Isaruit Inuit Arts Coordinator of Sewing Programs will manage, plan, prepare and deliver the Sewing Programs for Inuit living in Ottawa.

Skill set: 

  • Good knowledge of traditional Inuit Sewing patterns and skills 
  • Good knowledge of Inuit sewing in the communities across Inuit Nunanga 
  • Ability to set up, post in, and monitor social media, especially on the Isaruit Inuit Arts Sewing Page 
  • Ability to set up, respond to and manage Isaruit Arts sewing  email inquiries
  • Organization skills to organize and sewing sessions
  • Organizational and purchasing skills for materials, supplies, equipment, resources in the Sewing Centre office 
  • Organizational and curatorial skills to manage Isaruit’s Pattern Collection 
  • Excellent skills in reaching out to, and supporting elders to participate in programs and pass on their sewing knowledge 
  • Good computer skills in Word, Publishing, and Excel and Powerpoint 
  • Good communication skills in English and Inuktitut, both verbal and written 
  • Ability to work with the Programs Coordinator and Centre Coordinator to help organize larger Isaruit events, such as conferences, workshops and Reconciliation activities
  • Perseverance and awareness through the health and safety protocols, even when they are changing regularly 
  • Excellent listening skills to all participants, no matter who they are and how they are doing
  • Excellent personal boundaries  and a deep understanding of confidentiality of participants 
  • Sensitivity to the social and emotional needs of Inuit community members 
  • High interest in the Inuit community of Ottawa and the surrounding areas 

Employment terms:

The Isaruit Inuit Arts Sewing Program Coordinator will :

  1. Work at Isaruit’s sewing rooms, # 302 & #300, 815 St. Laurent Blvd, Ottawa Vanier, Ontario 
  2. Work 30 hours per week with flexible hours, and will keep track of the tasks done each day 
  3. Rate of pay will be $27 per hour starting pay, with immediate pay increases based on certifications, and experience, up to $35 per hour   
  4. Start working on February March 11th 2024
  5. Interviews on March 7th 2024  

For more Information, visit, write to or call: 

Beverly Illauq, Centre Coordinator
(613) 298-6209

Jessie Kangok

Isaruit Inuit Arts
#110 – 815 St. Laurent Blvd. Ottawa, ON   K1K 3A7